Only device which preserves your favourite foods, drinks and ice creams Yess!!! The refrigerator. refrigerators are very much underrated as many people think that’s an unnecessary expenditure and it only does one job of cooling, while the majority of users are not aware about the important role it plays in day to day life, so we got the best refrigerator in India. 

Starting from a pinch nowadays where many users are busy and they can hardly make out time for cooking twice a day, refrigerators help to preserve the cooked food which can be used for the next meal. So reducing time and maintaining food is what is the main purpose of refrigerators. 

Everyone loves having ice creams and chilled cold drinks at home while watching their favourite movies, Cricket games or cartoons so buy a refrigerator and cherish those joyful moments. Refrigerators also act as an closed chamber for foods as no outside flies or insects can come in contact with the food. It serves as an important home care product and everyone should use them for keeping themselves healthier. Refrigeration of food is very important as lack of refrigeration of food and longer outside exposure can lead to reductional in the nutrients and spoilage in circumstances even leading to diseases like Stomach ache, dysentery and flu.
Nowadays you get multiple selection for users right for Size, design and pricing. so every user has the opportunity to buy and experience them.

Buyer’s guide to choosing your perfect refrigerator

Why should I read this?

With technology rapidly evolving, people are normally are left out on what is going on in the world of electronics. There are always newer products which are more efficient and have better features and people don’t get a clue about them unless we look into things to buy the perfect products for everyone’s priorities. 

Speaking of electronics, it is almost certain that you wouldn’t have any idea on what are the newer refrigerators out there in the market today. So here we are to give you an idea of what is your perfect refrigerator without and second guesses.

What should be your priorities when looking for a refrigerator?

  • Type 
  • Capacity or Volume
  • Power consumption
  • Energy savings
  • Frosting types
  • Feature

1) Types of refrigerators out there

  • Single door refrigerators – A single door refrigerator is one in which there is the main door with the other compartments inside. These are smaller in size and have a small capacity of around 100 litres to 250 litres. These are the most affordable and most energy-efficient refrigerators.
  • Double door refrigerators –These refrigerators have two main doors, separating the freezer and the chiller. These are more advanced, look more stylish and have a larger capacity from around 230 litres to 490lliters.

2) The capacity of the refrigerators

The capacity of the refrigerator you would want to buy is all about the space demanded for the goods you store in your refrigerator. If you live by yourself or in a family of 2-3, or a smaller apartment, it will be best for you to choose a refrigerator which has a lower capacity. Whereas if you live in a pretty big family, the demand for space to store the goods will certainly higher. The higher the capacity of the refrigerator, the more doors/compartments can be expected. Single door refrigerators have the lowest capacity compared to the other types of refrigerators.

3) Energy savings

The star ratings of any electrical product show how much efficient an electric appliance is. Higher the number of stars, higher is the amount of power saved by the product.

4) Defrosting types

  • Direct cool – In this type, the air is cooled inside the refrigerator by the natural process of convection. This also means that the temperature inside the fridge becomes naturally uneven. This also results in the formation of water vapor, and hence, the ice inside the refrigerator. These types of refrigerators have to be defrosted manually.
  • Frost free – In this type of refrigerators, the air is cooled by the help of electric fans. This results in an even distribution of cool air, which means there is no formation of water vapour and ice. 
Advantages of direct cool type frosting
  • This type is very economical when it comes to power consumption. These refrigerators use a significantly lesser amount of power as compared to the other types of refrigerators.
Disadvantages of direct cool type of frosting
  • The food stored in the refrigerator can spoil quicker, especially when the refrigerator is not defrosted for a considerably long time.
  • You will have to manually defrost the refrigerator, which can be inconvenient, especially if you have a lot of food stored in the refrigerator.
Advantages of frost-free type
  • The food stored in the refrigerator is preserved for a longer time in these ty[es of refrigerators.
  • You will not have to take the trouble of defrosting the refrigerator.
Disadvantages of frost-free type
  • They use a higher amount of energy as compared to the refrigerators with the direct cool type of frosting.

5) Special features that might appeal to you.

  • Convertible compartments – Top tier refrigerators can come with convertible compartments, which means you can convert the freezer compartment to a chiller compartment in cases wherein you run out of space for storing goods in the chiller compartment (which you can turn back into a freezer when required). This feature is really useful if you are a heavy user of refrigerators.
  • Built-in deodorizer  – You can get refrigerators with built-in deodorizers that keep away bad odor. These deodorizers use filters to keep bad odor away, and this reduces the requirement to clean the refrigerators manually.
  • Built-in voltage stabilizer – As it suggests, you can get refrigerators with built-in voltage stabilizers which takes away the trouble of buying an external stabilizer for the protection of your compressor. This feature is really useful if you experience fluctuating voltages at your place.
  • Glass shelves – The traditional plastic shelves get worn by daily use. They even tend to lose their shape over time as a result of a huge load placed on them for an extended amount of time. The toughened glass shelves don’t show any of these qualities after regular use.

Double Door Budget Refrigerator

LG 260L refrigerator


  • Shiny steel with High Gloss finish.
  • 260 Litres capacity.
  • Door Lock present.
  • Advanced and efficient smart inverter Compressor.
  • Ice beam Door cooling technology.
  • 3-star energy ratings.
  • Internal Micom Temperature Control.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Top LED in Lower Compartment for better visibility at night.

Upper Compartment(Freezer)– Double twist Ice Tray, 2 Door Basket.

Lower compartment(Refrigerator)– 3 Glass shelves, 2L Bottle storage, Vegetable Box, Egg cum ice tray.

Other Features: Anti Bacteria Gasket, Smart Diagnosis, Solar compatible, catechin deodorizer, Auto Smart Connect and more.

Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive on the refrigerator and additional 9 Years on the Smart Inverter Compressor from LG.


Eye Catching styles with Smart features packed in different models, this is what LG has been trying and delivering the best to the consumers. First of all, you get premium matt finish design ready to accompany your loving kitchens no matter where you place this refrigerator it is going to easily accompany and improvise your Kitchen looks. Secondly, in the internal stocks you get enough storage to keep your cooked food, beverages other stuff and also, the reinforced glass shelves won’t be a problem for keeping your loving food in utensils. 

Most important of all LG has provided extra preserve and care features like catechin deodorizer which will help in retaining the individual taste and smell of stored food items, on top of that LG’s Smart Inverter compressor is not only energy efficient but also stable and durable which will give you optimum cooling in every season. 

This is perfect for small families with 2-3 members as the capacity perfectly matches their needs. Lastly, it has a standard manual control, unlike automatic control.


  • Metallic Silver Body Finish.
  • 253 Litres Capacity.
  • Digital Inverter Technology with Smart connect.
  • All Round Twin Cooling Plus Technology.
  • 4 Star Energy Ratings.
  • External LED Display with Temperature Control.
  • R600a Eco Friendly Refrigerant.
  • LED Light Present on the top side of the Lower compartment.

Upper Compartment(Freezer)– Movable Ice Maker, 1 Shelf and 2 Door Shelf.

Lower Compartment(Refrigerator)– 1 Shelf, 2 Easy Slide Glass Shelf, 4 Door Pockets, 1 Vegetable Box and Egg Tray.

Other Features: Door Alarm, Cyclopentane Insulation- more efficient and less harmful, Big Bottle Guard for easy storing larger bottles.

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.


Samsung Refrigerators are known for their quality, durability and Unique Compressors. First of all, speaking about design Samsung has used fine matt finish design which it calls ‘Elegant Inox’  looks decent and tall body design makes it easier to accompany casual homes, formal offices and commercial business engaged in small scale pharmacist or retailing shops. 

Samsung’s Digital Inverter technology has played a major role in the success of its refrigerators. Nine sensors track variables such as internal and external temperature and humidity levels, along with your usage patterns providing accurate temperature for your delicious food and keeping your electricity bills lower. 

Secondly, it has a decent capacity for your daily food and extra-large pockets for your beverages, this refrigerator also has a power freeze and power cool features which speeds up the freezer and refrigerator cooling up to 31%, so no more waiting for the ice cubes just push the button and your Ice cubes are ready. 

Thirdly you have an important feature like the door alarm, we know many wills may say it’s not a big deal but there are many circumstances where the door does not get locked and you are unaware about, this feature will alarm you when the door remains unclosed, secondary benefit with this feature is the risk of food getting spoiled is minimized and energy is saved.

To conclude this is Samsung’s premium refrigerator with high-end features at a premium pricing.


  • Scarlet Dremin with Beautiful Printed design.
  • 235 Litres Capacity.
  • Reciprocating Compressor.
  • Godrej Cool Shower Technology.
  • 2 Star Energy Ratings.
  • Internal Temperature Control.
  • R600a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant.

Upper Compartment(Freezer): 2 Ice Trays, 1 Shelf and 1 Door Pocket.

Lower Compartment(Refrigerator): 1 Shelf, 2 Sliding Glass Shelves, 1 Vegetable Box, 2 Door, 3 Door Pockets and 1 Egg holder.

Other Features: FIR based lamp, ZOP Technology, Anti-B Technology.

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.


  Did you know that Godrej was the first to introduce refrigerator in India back in 1958? Godrej is the best brand which is still dominating the Indian markets. Godrej’s unique printed design looks fairly good and this will be loved by ladies in your Homes. Along with it, this refrigerator comes with a standard reciprocating compressor without support from Inverter. This compressor is designed to give years of reliable service. It works until it reaches the desired temperature and once it hits that temperature it automatically shuts down for some time until the temperature starts falling down this cycle is continuously repeated. 

It is perfect for bachelors or families with limited needs. Godrej has used tempered glass shelves which have several benefits including durability, easy cleaning and sanitation. FIR Lamp is a unique technology and we were shocked to know its benefits, FIR(Far InfraRed) lamp has several benefits, some to mention it helps restrains the dryness of the foods, keeps the aroma and the smell of the food for a long time and many more. 

Other Unique features also include Anti Bacteria for protection from dust and germs and ZOP for rust protection. In conclusion, this is Budget refrigerator with least pricing in the segment, We want to tell you that as it has a reciprocating compressor without Inverter the electricity consumption may be a little higher but if the price is your top priority with durability and features this will perfectly match your needs.


  • Grey Metallic Body Finish.
  • 265 Litres Capacity.
  • Intellisense inverter with AI technology.
  • 6TH SENSE® DeepFreeze Technology.
  • 3 Star Energy Ratings.
  • Internal Cooling Control.

Upper Compartment(Freezer): Ice Twister and Collector, 1 Shelf and 2 Door Pockets.

Lower Compartment(Refrigerator): 1 Shelf, 2 Sliding Glass Shelves, 1 Vegetable Box, 4 Door Pockets and Egg Tray.

Other Features: Microblock Technology, Active Deo, Freshonizer.

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.


Whirlpool Refrigerators are Super silent and energy-efficient with Powerful AI Compressor. Starting with the design, Whirlpool has carried over a German steel design which looks Minimalistic and this will easily mix in any background colours of your Homes, offices and business. 

Secondly, the 6th Sense IntelliSensor technology which is the core highlight of this refrigerator. The 6th Sense IntelliSensor uses three IntelliSensors (one outside the refrigerator and one in each compartment) and an AI (Adaptive Intelligence) microprocessor which collects data from the sensors and intelligently adapts the cooling temperatures across all compartments which helps retain long-lasting freshness and efficient energy consumption. You also get 5 different Modes if you love manual tuning up the refrigerator. Most important of all you get spacious internal stocks with larger basket and bottle holders. 

Thirdly you get many Unique features like Freshonizer, ZEOLITE, Micro block and Active Deo which help to Prevent Bacterial Growth and maintain original freshness. To conclude this is a Mid Range refrigerator with Higher capacity, plenty of features. If your budget is in the range closer to 23000 this will be a true value for money refrigerator.

Double Door Premium Refrigerator


Body Design:

  • Premium Metallic Finish.
  • Tall Body Design.

Capacity and Cooling:

  • capacity of 415 Litres.
  • Digital Inverter Compressor- Energy efficient, less noise & more durable.
  • Twin Cooling Plus™ technology with 5 in 1 Mode.

Energy and Internal stocks:

  • 3 Star Ratings.
  • Upper Compartment(Freezer):Twist Ice Maker, 1 Shelf and 2 Door Pockets.
  • Lower Compartment(Refrigerator):1 Shelf, 3 Toughened Glass sliding Shelves, 1 Vegetable Box, 4 Door Pockets and Egg Tray.

Display, Controls and Lights:

  • External Display.
  • Touch Controls.
  • Door Alarm.
  • Top and Side Mounted LED Lights.

Refrigerant and Other features

  • R-600a Eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Anti Bacterial Protector.
  • Power Cool Function.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on the product, 10 years warranty on compressor.


Samsung has earned a good brand reputation by selling mainly Home appliances including Refrigerators. This is one of the most preferred brands in India. It is a premium range refrigerator with higher capacity and innovative features. Let’s start with External Design, this has a premium metallic finish with a colour fade pattern which looks astonishing for accompanying your homes. It will perfectly suit your homes if you live in a joint family with 5 or more people. Moreover, this can also be used for commercial purposes including business engaged in selling edible products, dairy, medicines and even small scale restaurants. Secondly, it is equipped with high-quality inverter compressor with 5 different modes to provide you with more precise and accurate cooling for your internal products with less burden on expenditure for energy bills. Besides, Samsung has used a twin cooling system with multiple cooling vents so each compartment receives constant cooling, on top of that you get an external display with touch controls which gives you real-time information about temperature and ability to manually control cooling. Thirdly supports multiple other features, one of them being Anti Bacteria protector which contains activated carbon filter when air passes through this filter all the germs and bacteria get trapped keeping the fridge clean and hygienic. in conclusion, this is a decent refrigerator with long term warranty cover which will provide you with premium long term experience at an affordable price.

2. BPL 564 L


Body Design:

  • Premium Metallic Steel Design.
  • Side Door Form Factor.

Capacity and Cooling:

  • Capacity of 564 Litres.
  • Standard Compressor.
  • Ultra quick cooling – Multi Air floAirflowlogy with Smart AI Modes.

Energy and Internal stocks:

  • 3 Star Ratings.
  • Left Compartment(Freezer): Manual Twist Ice Maker, 4 Tempered Glass Shelves(Removable), 4 Door Pockets and 2 Drawers.
  • Right Compartment(Refrigerator): 4 Sliding Glass Shelves, 2 Vegetable Boxes, 4 Door Pockets and External cold water dispenser.

Display, Controls and Lights:

  • External LED Display.
  • Touch Controls.
  • Top LED Lights In both Compartments.

Refrigerant and Other features:

  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant.
  • Freshness Zones.

  Warranty: 1-year warranty on product; 5 years warranty on compressor.


    BPL formerly known as British Physical Laboratories is an Indian based electronic company founded in Kerala. although it’s now overtaken by other companies, their products still dominate the market. This is a powerful yet large refrigerator from BPL which will serve multiple purposes right from Homes to Offices and business including retail selling and hotels. To start with it is a side by side door refrigerator with a rectangular design and has a premium steel finish, this is perfect for a large joint family with as many as 7 people or it can be used as cold storage for commercial business for storing multiple foods, vegetable and beverages including family pack ice creams and having a larger freezer will allow you to store larger quantities of non-veg Food products. Secondly, it comes with external cold water dispenser for instant cold water drinking so you don’t need to wait for minutes for cooling, besides, they have also provided Ultra quick cooling with Smart AI modes for faster and accurate cooling without any help of manual intervention on top of that it also comes with an external display and touch controls for analysing and controlling the temperature. Thirdly 2 front-mounted wheels for easy shifting. To conclude having a larger capacity, side door factor and tons of spacious internals makes it a value for money refrigerator. the only drawback of this refrigerator is after-sales service and lower warranty cover on the moto

Single Door Refrigerator


  • LG’s Scarlet Plumeria Color with beautiful Flower printed Design
  • 190 Litres capacity
  • smart inverter Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • Internal Manual Temperature Control
  • 4-star energy ratings
  • Bulb Present for better visibility

Internal Stocks: 1 shelf, 2 Sliding Glass shelves, 1 vegetable Basket, 5 Door Pockets and Freezer zone with 2 Ice Trays.

Other Features: Anti Bacteria Gasket, Fastest Ice making, Solar compatible, Auto Smart Connect, Door Lock.

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


LG has always carried the stylish design and innovative technology right from Double door to single Door refrigerators. Firstly the colour on this fridge looks exquisite and the printed design makes it look more charming, Surely ladies are going to love them. Secondly having an ergonomic compact design and low weight form factor this is perfectly recommended for those bachelors and small families(2 members and kid) who move across cities and states in search of Education and Jobs and live in rent houses/flats who have speculated time to stay and shift. for such people, this refrigerator can easily accompany any small room and having less weight they can be easily moved or shifted. Thirdly it has LG’s smart inverter compressor which has faster cooling and efficient energy usage, most important of all you get decent internal storage for keeping all your foods, beverages and ice creams and large door pockets for high sized bottles. Lastly, you get safety features like Antibacterial Gasket for protection against dust and germs. To conclude this is Premium refrigerator in this segment having a premium quality design and compressor with features which are super durable and efficient at a premium pricing.


  • Ceramic Silver Finish
  • 195 Litres capacity
  • Reciprocatory Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • 4-star energy ratings
  • Internal Manual Temperature Control
  • Bulb Present for better visibility

Internal Stocks: 1 shelf, 2 Sliding Glass shelves, 2 vegetable Basket, 6 Door Pockets and Freezer zone with 2 Egg trays.

Other Features: DEFT, Door Lock

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


Haier is a well-known brand in providing Home appliances in India. Mostly known for their Air conditioners their refrigerators are durable with Systematic Internal Storing. First of all, it comes with a ceramic finished Design which looks unique and elegant and perfect to accompany your kitchen. Secondly, it is a matter of surprise as to how did Haier put an extra vegetable basket without any compromise on shelves, it truly amazing. You also get large internal storage with an extra bottle holder for storing beverages isn’t that great!!. Thirdly, Haier has used a Compressor without inverter technology, which is good at cooling and long-lasting but not much as efficient as others with inverter compressors in the market. This is indeed a cost-cutting factor used as this is least priced in the segment. Lastly, it has DEFT(Diamond Edge Cooling Technology) which ensures that the ice formation remains firm and Provides better cooling retention in the refrigerator. In conclusion, this is the lowest priced refrigerator in the segment with extra internal storage and door pocket with high star ratings.


  • Elegant Blue Color with Printed Design
  • 192 Litres capacity
  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • 3-star energy ratings
  • Internal Manual Temperature Control
  • Bulb Present for better visibility

Internal Stocks: 1 Tray, 2 Sliding Glass shelves, 1 vegetable Basket, 3 Door Pockets and 2 Egg pockets, Freezer Zone with 1 Ice Tray.

Other Features: Anti Bacterial Gasket, Door Lock

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


Printed Design is being popular these days and Samsung is following them too. Samsung, known for providing premium-priced refrigerators, has also steeped in the budget refrigerators. Firstly the design looks quite challenging with printed flower patterns and if you have a similar colour pattern in the kitchen it will make it look even better. Secondly, you get spacious internal storage with dedicated pockets for Eggs which will provide a better grip for holding and least chances of getting slipped compared to trays. Lastly, it has power stable and efficient cooling compressor with minimum energy consumption which will help you provide continuous cooling without any temperature falls. Anti Bacteria Gasket is been equipped for improved protection against dust and germs. Finally, in short, this is the perfect mid-range refrigerator with durable yet efficient compressor and spacious internal stocks.

4. Samsung 212 L


  • Samsung’s Beautiful Elegant Inox with matt finish
  • 212 Litres capacity
  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • 3-star energy ratings
  • Internal Manual Temperature Control
  • Bulb Present for better visibility

Internal Stocks: 1 Tray, 2 Sliding Glass shelves, 1 vegetable Basket, 3 Door Pockets and 2 Egg pockets, Freezer Zone with 1 Ice Tray.

Other Features: Anti Bacterial Gasket, Door Lock


Second Refrigerator from Samsung for Consumers. The looks and features are identical but the internal cabin space has been increased or improved upon. First of all, you get identical design but this time with a decent matt finish perfect for homes and offices. Secondly, cabin space has been increased by 20 Litres which is not a huge number but still imagine how much can 20 bottles of 1litre consume space its equivalent to that much amount of space in the compartment. Thirdly, you have the same compressor with Samsung’s standard technology for better efficient cooling. Lastly, you get an anti-bacterial gasket for protection internals from dust and germs. In conclusion, this is best in the class refrigerator with improved internal cabin, good inverter compressor and honest pricing.


  • Ceramic Finish Shiny steel Design
  • 290 Litres capacity
  • Intelligent Inverter Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • 5-star energy ratings
  • Internal Manual Temperature Control
  • Bulb Present for better visibility

Internal Stocks: 1 Tray, 2 Sliding Glass shelves, 1 vegetable Basket, 4 Door Pockets with 2 Egg Trays and Freezer Zone

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.


Godrej started the Legacy of refrigerators in India. They have been constantly improving their technology and products. Starting with traditional compressor technology, Godrej has now switched to innovative technology which it calls the Intelligent Inverter. Firstly the Design has also been improved upon with built as they have provided a plank-like structure unlike leg structure on others for improved height and Space for easy cleaning under the fridge. Secondly, it has improved cooling and efficient inverter compressor with 5-star Ratings, so not much worrying about energy bills. Lastly, it has decent internal storage with multiple door pockets. To conclude at this capacity and features this has been aggressively priced which goes neck to neck competition with Samsung 190 L refrigerator. This is the Best at price refrigerator.

Advantages of single door refrigerators 

  • These types of refrigerators are the most economically viable options and mostly come under a fairly low price of Rs. 20,000. You also generally get a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • These are the most energy-efficient refrigerators and consume a significantly lower amount of power as compared to the other types of refrigerators.
  • These are compact in terms of size and floor space and are the most appropriate choices for smaller apartments/families, where the space needed to store goods is not so high.

Disadvantages of single door refrigerators

  • The small size and volume (usually around 100-250 litres) of this type of refrigerators makes them a bad choice for bigger families since you won’t be able to fit a lot of goods in it. The smaller size of compartments also means that you will have troubles in fitting objects like large bottles and containers.
  • They don’t have frost-free features, which mean you will have to clean up the ice manually.
  • Having one main door means opening it frequently even when you want to reach the smaller shelves. This ends up increasing the temperature of the entire interior of the refrigerator overall which makes it consume more power than usual, as it will have to spend more power to compensate for the increase in temperature.
  • They generally seem to appear plain and unattractive and may take away the beauty of a well decorated and furnished kitchen.

Advantages of double door refrigerators

  • A better option for larger families since they have a higher capacity from about 230 litres to 490 litres. This means you will require lesser trouble to adjust goods in the refrigerator.
  • They come with frost-free technologies. This means you don’t have to clean up the ice manually.
  • There is no main door to open each and every compartment of the refrigerator, which means a steady temperature will be maintained in the other parts of the refrigerators.
  • The larger size and more compartments allow you to store a wide variety of objects such as larger containers and bottles in the refrigerators.
  • They appear more modern and stylish as compared to single door refrigerators. This means they blend in well-decorated kitchens better.

Disadvantages of a double door refrigerators

  • These can be expensive as compared to the traditional single door refrigerators with some even costing double (or even higher) the amount of money as that of a single door refrigerator.
  • They can be pretty bulky and are not made for smaller families/apartments, since finding space to fit them in a smaller apartment can be troublesome.

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